So one of my favourite bands is Switchfoot. I’ll probably do a whole blog post on them sometime in the future, but for today I wanted to focus on one of their songs. The song is call 4:12 and it’s off of their newest album, Oh! Gravity.

I’ve seen Switchfoot live twice. The second time, in Winnipeg, they played 4:12. It was my favourite song of off that album, so that was awesome. But before they played it, Jon Foreman, their vocalist, gave some background info on the song. He said that for a period of two weeks straight, every night he would wake up in the middle of the night and look at the alarm clock and it would read 4:12am. So he figured this would make an interesting song.

Not long after, or maybe shortly before that show (Feb. 2007) is when I started getting weirded out a little. First, I would glance at the time at work and my cell phone would read 4:12. Actually, that happened five or six times. And it’s not like I’d check the time every ten minutes. That was the only time I checked the time that afternoon. Then, when I was filling up my car, I noticed I went exactly 412 kms on that tank of gas. I’ve got a phone call at 4:12pm that was a wrong number. I’ve recieved $4.12 in change at a store. On Tuesday, as I was going out the door, the microwave clock read 4:12.

So all this is very strange. I think the good Lord must have a sense of humour. Has anything like this ever happened to you? If you want to hear a snippet of the song, you can go here: http://www.switchfoot.com/in_index.html and if you want to read the lyrics you can go here: http://www.christianrocklyrics.com/switchfoot/412.php

On a different note, I’m going to the Moose game tonight against Grand Rapids. Should be a good time. They’re really the only sports team in Winnipeg that I pay any attention to. It’s great hockey, those guys can skate! I’ve never seen an NHL game, but it can’t be much better. I have a second reason for going: I have a hunch the final score will be 4-12.


  1. The score was 4-2. I consider it a partial coming-true of my prediction, since two of the three required numbers were in the final score. Hmm…maybe I have a gift…


  2. You should watch for books of the bible subtly showing up in odd places. Maybe 4:12 is a verse that God is trying to tell you!! Or maybe that will be the time that you die…


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