Today’s Thoughts

– “Cowgirl in the Sand” by Neil Young is a great song.
– I am going to see the Foo Fighters live in March. I am already excited. It’s going to be a long winter…
– Are they going to make “The Hobbit” into a movie or not? I’m waiting…
– I ate homemade partridgeberry jam yesterday. It was delicious, but I have no idea what a partridgeberry is (or a partridge, for that matter).
– A Buy Nothing Christmas is harder to participate in than it first seems.
– The automobile block heater is a genius invention.
– Seinfeld season 7 is funny. George is the best-written character on that show.
– How exactly does a photocopier work?
– Where did all the gas in my car go? I thought I just filled it up…
– The word “unbeknownst” is a strange word. It looks like it needs some more vowels.
– If a business has no suggestion box, how would you go about suggesting they get one?
– It is extremely easy to waste time on a computer when I should be writing papers.

I’ll leave you with a great quote from John Lennon:
“Will all the people in the cheaper seats clap your hands? And the rest of you, if you’ll just rattle your jewellery.”


  1. – i’ve been wondering about the hobbit for a long time, too-a partridge is a bird- really? george the best-written character? i don’t know if i agree-i syphoned your gas- john lennon quote is brilliant. 🙂


  2. -about the photocopier, i happen to know how it works. It has to do with static electricy. If you really want to know exactly how, just ask me, in person.


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