Sweatpants and Tea

Those are pretty much my plans for this weekend: wear sweatpants and drink lots of herbal tea. I have a really bad flu or cold or something. It’s got to be the worst one I’ve had in over five years. My entire body aches, I have an almost constant headache, and I feel hot one moment and freezing cold the next. I’m dizzy and running a fever too. I have no apetite, except for my mom’s homemade bread pudding. Weird…anyways, here is a summation of my week, and a random collection of thoughts, too.

This week was tiring and hard for me. Since I’m don’t start college again until January 7, I went back to my old HVAC job and worked for five days. I figured if I worked for a week I could pay for all my textbooks next semester, plus the company was swamped with work (all of which needed to be completed before the Christmas break). Monday and Tuesday weren’t too bad. Although I worked in the cold both days, my hands and feet miraculously stayed warm. Wednesday was one of the craziest days of my life. I worked all day near the north perimeter highway, then drove an hour home in slushy rush hour traffic with no wiper fluid in my car, then quickly showered and headed to the church to finish up the smaller details of this week’s youth event (a joint Christmas party with another church). I ate a couple pieces of pizza in about 30 seconds, then we had the youth event, which went well. I got home at 10pm after cleaning up the church (a big thank you to Julia and Maxine!) then fell asleep before my head hit my pillow. The next morning I felt terrible. My cold hit in full force, and I had to work an eleven hour day. Thursday was the worst day of work I’ve ever had. Every hour seemed like two. On Friday, I somehow made it through the day quite easily, and my cold symtoms ebbed. Then, a funny thing happened. As soon as I walked through the door of my house at the end of the day, my cold symptoms hit again, this time the worst yet. My mom said she was praying for me to make it through the work day okay, and I think her prayers really worked. They were what allowed me to make it through the work day without much trouble.

I’m supposed to go to a Manitoba Moose game tonight with my friend Josh, but I’m so sick I don’t know if I should go. He’s leaving for Asia in a week and I don’t want to give him a cold right before he leaves. I’m picturing him wearing one of those big Asian straw hats, sniffling and coughing while sitting waist-deep in water on a rice farm.

I bought two Bob Dylan albums a couple weeks ago (Highway 61 Revisited and Blood on the Tracks). Before they came in the mail, I was sure that I would like Highway 61 more than the other because I had heard it was more “rocky” and political. But I can honestly say that I can’t quit listening to Blood on the Tracks (in particular, Meet Me in the Morning and Shelter from the Storm). Dylan’s a great songwriter, and I actually like his vocals a lot on these albums. He never sings a chorus the same way twice. 99% of his lyrics continue to puzzle me, but one day I would love to be able to figure them out because he mentions the Bible in at least half the songs on each album. I find this interesting because Dylan supposedly didn’t become a Christian until 1979, which was after both of these albums were released.

Is it possible to go through university and become a licensed impractical nurse?

How did the statement “not too bad” come to mean you’re doing better than someone who is “not too good”?

New invention idea: a floating fondue set for in your hot tub!

I really want to see Charlie Wilson’s War.

Last night on CBC News, I found out that yesterday was the busiest shopping day of the year. Canadians were estimated to have spent $800 million on gifts in one day. The average spending amount for an “average” Canadian is up $80…to $900! The total amount Canadians will spend on Christmas gifts this year, which is somewhere in the billions, is up 14% from last year.

On last night’s news I also heard that there is a couple Winnipeg women stuffing gift bags full of warm socks and boots for homeless people. I would never have thought of that. It’s a great idea, because I’ve spent a day in soaking wet, cold boots, and it sucks.

The federal government is issuing cheques to First Nations people who were mistreated at residential school houses many years ago. The only problem is, many of them are homeless today and have no address to send a cheque to! The cheques are about $13,000 each, which could make a huge difference in a homeless person’s life. The news report said that places like Siloam Mission were filling out the forms for these people, because many can’t write and don’t have the proper identification.

Lastly, if you’ve always wanted to know why men don’t cry, go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5o8Soq2MaYE

Have a Merry Christmas (and I hope you spent less than $900!)


  1. love the ranty post. sorry about the cold. sounds different from mine, tho, so i don’t think i gave it to you. DEFINITELY CANNOT WAIT TO SEE CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR. and i’m pretty proud of the fact that i am the cause that you know who the flight of the conchords are. dang yes!hope you feel better soon! it’s christmas! 🙂


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