Happiness and the Fish

I really should be working on an assignment right now but I wanted to take a minute and quickly post about the show I went to last night. Raine Maida was in Winnipeg yesterday, on tour promoting his new solo album, The Hunter’s Lullaby. Maybe you’ve heard his single, Yellow Brick Road, on the radio. If not, I’m sure you’ve listened to Our Lady Peace (or, as Raine referred to them last night, “my other band”).

The show was sparsely attended, with the tiny Garrick Theatre only about half full. Raine and his acoustic guitar were accompanied by a drummer, cellist, and his wife Chantal Kreviazuk on keys and backing vocals. It was a great show. Raine’s songs made for an interesting atmosphere. Very dark sounds mixed with upbeat rhythms. His voice was really good, he sounded just like he did on the album. I really like the lyrics on his album as well. Maybe I’ll post some of them later. They kept the lights low and simple throughout the whole show.

Speaking of rhythms, drummer Randy Cooke was great. He played traditional grip, which I always find fun to watch. He made me want to buy a shaker and some wood blocks. I think Raine played all of the songs from his new album, with the possible exception of One Second Chance. It was cool to watch him and his wife perform together. I couldn’t help but think it was a bit ironic to have Avril Lavinge performing a block away the the MTS Centre. Chantal wrote a couple songs for her, and then I think Avril stole a song or didn’t give writing credit to her or something. Chantal is originally from Winnipeg, so I think she enjoyed performing here. She was really great on keys and vocals, and even sang lead vocals on The Pixies’ classic, Where is My Mind during the encore. They also sang the OLP song Innocent during the encore. Raine put a different spin on Billy’s Talent’s Try Honesty and covered Neil Young’s Ohio. Raine said he was sad to hear Neil Young say recently that he didn’t think music could change the world anymore. Raine replied that music changes people and people change the world, which I thought was a good line.

I’ve been to a few acoustic shows now and I like them. Full rock shows are still my favourite but I also like acoustic shows because they’re so relaxed and seem to attract fewer jerks.

And, of course, no concert would be complete without spotting someone from Prov there.

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