Coldplay Lyrics Reviews

In my mind there’s no denying that Chris Martin has stepped up his lyric-writing on Coldplay’s latest album, Viva La Vida. I recently came across two good album reviews, one which reviews the entire album and one that centers on the lyrics to the song Violet Hill. Both reviews focus on the many spiritual references found throughout the album, something I noticed the very first time I listened to Viva La Vida. I have been meaning to blog a little regarding this and offer my take on the lyrics, but I don’t have the time since I’m off to camp tomorrow and then to Seattle on Saturday, and I think these two reviewers do a fine job of suggesting some possible interpretations of Chris Martin’s infamously vague, but (on this album at least) very interesting lyrics. Happy reading!

Review of Viva La Vida

Review of Violet Hill (also accessible via the link in the first review)


  1. I checked out both these articles. Very interesting. Are you liking Viva La Vida? I haven’t let it all grow on me enough yet, but I’m really liking Strawberry Swing at the moment 🙂


  2. Yes, I am enjoying Viva La Vida, it’s my favourite Coldplay album I would have to say. I especially enjoy “Cemeteries of London”, “42” and “Yes”. I also like the weird timing in “Death and All His Friends”. Thanks for reading, talk to you later!


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