The Most Amazing Blog Post Ever Created

Well, as you no doubt can deduce from the two and a half weeks sice I’ve posted anything, I am quite busy with my studies. It’s that end-of-the-semester-crunch-time when all the big papers are due. I’m not even a procrastinator and I’m finding it tough to keep up; I have no idea how people who leave things until the last minute would get every assignment done. Anyways, in lieu of an actual post, here are some links to some of my favourite Dave Matthews songs. I have been listening to Live at Radio City quite a bit lately, it’s a great album from a great songwriter. For some reason YouTube won’t allow me to embed some of the vidoes in my blog so some links will have to suffice.

Also, if you’re looking for something slightly more stimulating for your noggin, here’s a link to a spot-on blog by Christian professor Dr. Craig Hazen (my blog post title will make more sense if you read it). I just finished reading and reviewing his latest book, Five Sacred Crossings, which I highly recommend.Save Me – Dave Matthews
Bartender – Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds (live)

Eh Hee – Dave Matthew and Tim Reynolds (live) (If you’re still left wondering what the backstory is about on this song, click here).

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  1. i am that procrastinator who handed in every assignment…on time! my finest work was done during the night. wouldn’t say i had the highest gpa, though:)


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