Must Be His Plaid Shirt

Minus. Forty. Nine. Celsius.

When the weather’s this cold, rational thought becomes difficult, so I’ve decided that a break from our regularly scheduled programming is required. Here’s a little video to warm the cockles of your heart. Nothing takes me back to my childhood like a video from the Canadian Film Board. Make sure you watch the whole thing – it really gets going around the 45-second mark. Oh, and don’t expect to get this tune out of your head anytime soon. Cheers.


  1. i must say, my heart does go out to you guys in this deep freeze. i won’t even tell you what the high will be in calgary today :Sthat video was awesome. i can’t believe people can actually balance on logs like that. that is talent.


  2. marge teaches english and in one of her recent classes the students were explaining what they liked about canada. one student (from siberia) said “i like canada because the winters remind me of home”.


  3. I remember loving this video when I was younger. The song is catchy. I think that it would be tons of fun to actually give log riding a shot. Can you take lessons? How would one go about doing that?


  4. 1) cockles is the best word ever2) does it help to know that it’s, like, 0 degrees here in germany? or wait…does that make it worse???? 😛 😛 :Pi’m mean.


  5. this is crazy…i just woke up to this song on my radio recently. a wonderful way to wake up…thank you cbc radio. the video is equally amazing.but shame on you girls and your tropical temperatures.


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