Their Music At Work

The Tragically Hip have just posted an entire concert on YouTube, song by song.  It was filmed on August 8th, 2009 in Abbottsford, just over a month before I saw them in Winnipeg.  This YouTube concert is the next best thing for those who weren’t at one of the Winnipeg shows (I also recommend their live DVD, That Night In Toronto)  Unfortunately they’ve edited out most of Gord’s memorable between-song banter, but you can still hear him introduce Ahead by a Century: “Of course they’re all for the girls, but this one’s for the girls.”

If you were at one of the Winnipeg shows, the YouTube performance contains some live songs you may not have heard, including It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken, the very rare Fiddler’s Green, and one of my personal favourites, My Music at Work. I like how Gord is soaked in sweat by the third song.  And the 3-song acoustic set they do in the middle is just amazing.  Rob Baker plays his acoustic guitar like a lap steel and it sounds so good. So check out the show if you like handkerchief wizardry and good Canadian music.

Also, I’ve discovered a great Tragically Hip fan site here.  It’s got lots of background information on Gord’s puzzling lyrics. If you’re a lyrics nerd like me, this website is a pretty sweet find.

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