This is Boring

Matthew Good’s music video for Weapon (2003) is one of my all time favourites, but due to its flash-and-it’s-gone content it’s best viewed on DVD, since then you can pause it and read the messages more easily. But somebody finally uploaded a higher quality version of it onto YouTube, so you should be able to make out the messages that flash on screen. I got a kick out of the one that says “Life + Art = Low Investment Return.”

One of the reasons I like the video (besides the great music of course) is that it’s a reflection of Matthew’s rather curmudgeonly, iconoclastic personality. Last year, after taking a Media & Society course, I also realized that this music video is a perfect example of postmodern media: self-aware, ironic, world-weary, ambiguous, discordant, bored, satirical, and proud of it.

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