New (To Me) Music: The Black Keys

Dear God,

I’m a simple man. I don’t ask you for much by way of material things. There was the bicycle in grade three, the drum kit in grade nine, and the car in grade twelve. That’s it. And I’ve made good use of all those things. Never asked for more than I could use. Still drive that car (sometimes to church). Still play that drum kit (sometimes in church). Still ride that bike (when my car breaks down).

But you see, I’m here talking to you once more ’cause I’m really in need of a ticket to The Black Keys show in July. Their bluesy-rock goodness does my soul good. That guitar, Lord, it’s got healing powers. I just know their concert would be a religious experience. I’d be there in crowd, singing along. Just howlin’ for you.

Really, it’s not my fault that I love The Black Keys. It’s James’s, Lord. He sent me their new album for my birthday a few months back. He was just being a good friend. He didn’t know that they were coming to town.

Now, ordinarily, I would just pick up a ticket. But you see, things ain’t like they used to be. My finances have tightened up. Not because I’ve been a-spendin’ on frivolous things, no Lord. But because I’ve been here studying at one of your colleges here for the past four years. Labourin’ for the Lord. Stressin’ and studyin’ for my Saviour. Yes indeed, it’s the honest truth.

So if you could shine your everlasting light down here on me, I’d be much obliged. I wouldn’t leave you after I got the ticket. I’m never gonna give you up. So please don’t say I’m not the one. You’re the only one who can help me, Lord. I know you probably listen to blues up their in heaven sometimes (maybe not on Sundays). I can’t say I blame you. So from one blues listener to another, I’m askin’ for just this one ticket. Amen.


  1. haha. james and bria sent it to me too. amazing how far the reach of iTunes is…well, at least i can’t reasonably expect that answer to prayer for myself. unless god wants to float them over to me on a bamboo raft…


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