Sunday Morning Music: Karla Adolphe

This morning’s installment of Sunday Morning Music features Manitoba’s own Karla Adolphe. You may know her as a Providence alumna, or as one half of Jacob & Lily (along with percussionist Caleb Friesen). Recently, Sasha and I went to see Jacob & Lily perform at the Folk Exchange and enjoyed the show very much.

Karla has just released a solo album called Honeycomb Tombs. It is available free for download from her website. And it is excellent. The album deals primarily with grief, death, and loss, and it is intended to be a resource for those who are suffering with these things. It is searching and personal, but not skeptical; sad at the appropriate moments, but not depressing; and genuinely hopeful, but never trite. I think the album is quite a remarkable feat, especially given its difficult subject  matter.

Below is the first song, “Flying Low.” It demonstrates some of the very tasteful and interesting instrumentation on the album. And that’s saying something, because folk artists aren’t always the best at fleshing out their bare bones songwriting when it comes time to utilize the recording studio. The song also showcases Karla’s lovely, clear singing voice. Listen to the song, download the album for free, and enjoy.

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