Sunday Morning Music – Leif Vollebekk

I discovered this Ottawa/Montreal musician about 10 days ago on CBC Radio’s program. I happened to have the radio on late one morning, and Leif’s performance transfixed me while I was making a sandwich. I still haven’t gotten over this song, or his fantastic backing band for that matter. There’s a lot I want to say about this music, but the song is quite emotionally evocative for me, so it’s hard to find the words. I think it’s something to do with his vocal phrasing, as well as the jazz influences mixing with folk, but it’s hard to put a fine point on it. I suspect it’s one of those songs that either clicks for you, or doesn’t. And if it does click, then it probably needs no explanation.

I’ve been having no luck finding a physical copy of Leif’s new album, North Americana, but I’ll be buying it on iTunes on Friday morning, right before Sasha and I leave for England. It’s always nice to have new music to listen to on a trip. Enjoy!

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