The Weapons of Privilege

[Jon Foreman of Switchfoot has written an excellent op-ed piece, which you’ll find reprinted below in its entirety.] Goodness Precedes Greatness: A Call … More

Movies: Two Things

Music is my medium. When it comes right down to it, for me, a three-minute song can convey more than … More

Mysterious Ways

“The music that really turns me on is either running toward God or away from God. Both recognize the pivot, … More

Less is More

So, Easter has come and gone. Lent is over, too. That means I can drink coffee again. I guess that’s … More

Das Boots

    U2 has always been a band that creates discussion, whether you like them or not. If you haven’t … More

Lessons from Narnia

On Tuesday I finished reading Prince Caspian. I had read The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and The Horse … More